Xiaomi working on mass production of 100W Super Charge Turbo Tech

Xiaomi, in the month of March this year, had announced that it is working on a Super Charge Turbo Technology. This Tech comprised of a 100W Turbo Charger that would be capable of juicing up a 4,000 mAh in merely 17 Minutes. Now, Xiaomi President Lin Bin has confirmed the news that the company is working hard towards the mass production of this technology


A user reportedly had asked President Lin Bin about the production of 100W Turbo Charging, on Weibo. To this, Bin said that the company has started working on the mass production of the Tech. On the other hand, no time frame has been shared on it.

While, the head of Redmi products, Lu Weibing said that the work for a new flagship Redmi device is underway. This device would sport the latest Snapdragon 855 SoC to power the device. Also, it is possible that this device will be the first one to feature the 100W Super Charge Turbo Technology.

Xiaomi has already exhibited the quality of Super Charge Turbo technology in a recent video. This unique piece of Tech could completely charge a 4,000mAh device in merely 17 minutes. Presently, Oppo provides a Super VOOC Charger that is capable of charging a 3,700mAh device to 65 percent in 17 minutes.

After the mass production of 100W Super Charge Turbo Technology, it would be a huge advancement in fast charging in the Smartphone Industry. Well, how this unique tech has been made possible, is yet to be seen.