Xiaomi is ready with the new MIUI 11: What can we expect from it

Xiaomi confirmed the latest version of MIUI, the MIUI 11 which it has put to development earlier this month. As a result, many users of Mi and Redmi series phones have started to wonder, when the latest update of MIUI 11 will be made available for their devices.

miui 11
miui 11

Release date of MIUI 11

There is still no official announcement from Xiaomi on the release date of MIUI 11. However, it is expected that the company will start rolling out the update for its phones by the mid of 2019.

Updated features of the MIUI 11

Testing of MIUI 11 is currently underway. Xiaomi claims that the MIUI this time, will feature a better AI experience. Moreover, the company will try to include all features that will all the features that the users have asked for. Besides, the MIUI 11 will be based on the Android Pie platform. It will certainly provide an enhanced user experience. Here we look at some of the major highlights of the new MIUI 11.

New gesture navigation

With the Android Pie update, google has come out with some new animated navigation gestures. We can get to see all these gestures in the new MIUI 11. Although, we already saw a few of these gestures in the MIUI 10. But, MIUI 11 will certainly feature some additional gestures.

A much better battery

Xiaomi is working on a much better AI system in the new MIUI 11. This would certainly provide a much better battery performance. The improved AI in the MIUI 11 will help monitor the battery consumption and increase the battery life of the device. It also helps identify which applications are frequently used and ones which are rarely used. With this information, it intelligently limits the battery usage of each individual application.

Dark mode

The system wide dark mode is the most awaited feature of the MIUI 11. A few Xiaomi smartphones already have this feature, but is is still in the Beta phase. A system wide dark mode will certainly improve the performance and battery consumption, maily in phones using an OLED screen. However, the devices using an LCD display would not show any major change in terms of battery consumption. But, it will surely give a complete new look to the user interface of the phone. Besides, the dark mode (or night mode) will strain your eyes less.

Enabled Camera2 API

With the new MIUI 11, users won’t need to root or flash their device to activate Camera2 API. Meanwhile, the recently released Redmi Note 7 phone runs MIUI 10 based on Android Oreo platform. This has enabled the Camera2 API on the device. And it seems, that with the new MIUI 11, users can enable the Camera2 API. It enables you to to use the Google Camera app and Manual Mode in the camera app of Redmi Series smartphones.

Face Unlock feature for individual apps

The face unlock feature presently works only for unlocking your device. But, MIUI 11 has gone a step further and implemented the face unlock feature for individual apps. The app vault is an inbuilt feature that Xiaomi gives in the MIUI. Although, this feature is still in the Beta phase in other Xiaomi devices, the Poco F1 smartphone has it in the stable mode. This is because the Poco F1 has a dedicated hardware for face unlock feature. However, other Xiaomi phones lack any such hardware. Users will get to see this feature in the new MIUI 11

New and Improved design

We will get to see a major change in terms of design of the system interface. The new MIUI 11 will surely be much more simpler to use. In addition, it will provide a smoother experience to the users, as well as some realistic icons. Some extra transition effects make it more attractive to look at. Moreover, Xiaomi has added some new animated wallpapers, which users can download from the theme store.

AI for the MIUI Camera

Xiaomi uses AI for the camera app on the Redmi Note 6 pro smartphone, in its last MIUI. Reportedly, the company is working towards improving the camera AI in the new MIUI 11. Along with some extra filters, we can see some great improvements in the edit mode of the camera. Likewise, the Portrait Mode will also get some major improvements.

Added “Digital Well-being” feature

Google added a new feature called “Digital Well-being” in its Android Pie update. This feature keeps a track of your phone usage and shows you how much time you have spent on your device. Besides, it also shows which apps you use frequently and warns you if you are using an app in excess. The MIUI 10 had this feature initially, but Xiaomi rolled it back for some unexplained reasons. The company again plans to implement it in the new MIUI 11. Subsequently, some reports also have it that Xiaomi is working on a similar app of its own. Well, how it performs is yet to be seen.

MIUI System Ads

Xiaomi gathered a lot of criticism from Youtubers and developers regarding the ads that the company shows in its devices. The frequency of these ads has infact increased since last year. Too many ads clearly makes it annoying and degrades the user experience. However, these are one of the main sources of revenue for Xiaomi. It is believed that the company will remove all system ads in the new MIUI 11.

Extra Features
  1. The new MIUI 11 will bring the App Vault feature to all Xiaomi phones. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Poco smartphone already has this feature.
  2. One more feature that the Poco phone has, is the App Drawer. The new MIUI 11 will bring this feature to other Xiaomi devices as well.
  3. MIUI 11 will also give users, an optimized RAM performance, which will also reduce the battery consumption of the phones significantly.

Along with these, users will get to see many more features added in the MIUI 11 update.

What are your views on the new MIUI 11? Do let us know in the comments section below.