Xiaomi’s new smartphone vending machine for India Mi Express Kiosk

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is famous for its different innovation. Xiaomi always keeps launching gadgets to ease their customers’ lives. This has happened this time too. Xiaomi has brought a new vending machine for its Indian customers.

Announcement of this machine is done by Manu Jain Kumar, India Head of Xiaomi.

This machine has been named Mi Express Kiosk.

This machine will be used to buy Xiaomi products such as smartphones,
earphones and chargers etc. Initially, It will be setup in such Mi- Homes, later in places like metro and airports. The company says its manufacturing has been done in India only.

Machine will be available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. An assistant will also be provided with it.


If we talk about the features of this machine, There will be smartphones and accessories available in it. This machine will accept all type of payment method. As it is designed keeping Indian customers in mind.

So, This machine has cash, credit card, debit card and UPI payment method support in it.

And all the produces in this machine will be available same price as on website.