Samsung launches world’s first QLED 8K TV in India

Samsung recently launched the world’s first QLED 8K TV in India, thus expanding its TV lineup in the country. The company announces this TV in 4 size variants which include 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch and 98-inch screen size. We get to see a lot of high end features in this TV lineup. Some of these include Bixby Voice Command, One Content Box and AI Up-scaling.

samsung qled
samsung qled

Firstly, talking about the AI Up-scaling feature. This feature enables display of video content on a large screenwithout allowing any picture loss. Besides having Bixby Voice Command, Samsung also gives you support for Google Assistant. According to Samsung, 3.3 crore pixels combine to give the viewer a sharper and clearer picture. Further, the AI Up-scaling feature enhances the audio coming from the original source. The user can as well operate the TV from other rooms through Voice Command. Samsung has specifically included a Far Field Voice Capability Feature in the TV’s remote control to help enable this.

samsung qled
samsung qled

Additionally, this QLED 8K TV comes with Ambient Mode Feature, which Makes your TV look like an art piece on a wall. Besides, it includes One Invisible Connection, which comes with Samsung’s One Connect Box. With its help, user won’t have to connect a bunch of wires to the 8K QLED TV. Infact, all the wires connect to the One Connect Box, and a single cable goes to the QLED TV. Moreover, this cable is semi-transparent in color, which makes it less visible against the wall. Samsung has also given a Quantum HDR feature in its OLED 8K TV.

The Samsung QLED 8K TV 75-inch model can be purchased for Rs 10,99,900. While the 82-inch model costs Rs 16,99,900 and subsequently the 98-inch model comes at a price of Rs 59,99,900. Meanwhile, the 65-inch model of the TV will be made available starting from July, and the company will officially annnounce its pricing then.

samsung qled
samsung qled

Further, you can check the prices of other QLED TV’s launched in 2019 below.

  1. 43 inch Q60 Model – Rs 94,900
  2. 55 inch Q80 Model – Rs 2,09,900
  3. 55 inch Q70 Model – Rs 1,69,900
  4. 65 inch Q90 Model – Rs 3,99,900 
  5. 65 inch Q70 Model – Rs  2,79,900
  6. 75 inch Q80 Model – Rs 6,49,900
  7. 82 inch Q60 Model – Rs 7,49,900

Presently ony a few models of these TV’s are available on Amazon. The remaining ones will soon be made available. You can buy the available models from the links given below.

All 8K, as well as non-8K QLED TV’s can be purchased from Samsung Electronics store, Samsung online store, Consumer Electronic stores and from online platform.