Asus Zenfone smartphones banned in India following an order from Delhi High Court

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer today is a well known name in the Indian smartphone market. Through the launch of its Zenfone series smartphones, the Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Max Pro M2, it posed a greater competition to brands such as Xiaomi, Micromax and others. The Zenfone series smartphones received a positive response from Indian customers. But an order coming from the Delhi High Court has put a stay on the sale of Zenfone series smartphones in India.

The use of the term “Zen” is a registered trademark of Telecare Network

The domestic mobile manufacturing company Telecare Network India Pvt. Ltd. has filed a Trademark Infringement case on Asus. It claims that the use of the terms “Zen” or “Zen mobiles” is a registered trademark of Telecare Network. While, it said that any rival company launching a smartphone by a similar name could pose a potential threat to the company’s business.

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The Delhi High Court came to a conclusion on this issue and passed an interim order, which bans the sale of Asus Zenfone series smartphones in India with immediate effect.

Telecare Network filed for the “Zen” trademark back in 2008, for the sale of Android phones by the name “Zen mobiles” in India. Whereas, Asus sold its first Zenfone in India in 2014. This is the main reason as to why Delhi High Court has put a ban on the sale of Asus Zenfone smartphones.

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According to Asus, “Zen” is a common term in the Buddhist Philosophy and the main reason why the company uses it. But the Delhi High Court rejected this claim, saying that it cannot be considered a common term in this case.

Meanwhile, High Court has banned Asus from selling the Zenfone smartphones in India and the next hearing on this case will be on 10th July. It will be worth seeing whether the Court withdraws the ban on Asus or will it continue. While Asus is preparing for its next big launch in India with the new flagship device, the Zenfone 6.



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