Huawei reportedly working on a new Operating System

Recently, the US Government has passed an order, which bans the sale of Huawei smartphones in the the United States. Moreover, the order also restricts any kind of support to Huawei by any other company.


Meanwhile, the government officials have provided a statement on this ban. They have said that Huawei is a Chinese company. Further, Huawei is keeping a track on its users from the US and is possibly stealing their data through their smartphones. Huawei has faced similar allegations many a time in the past.

As a result of this ban, many hardware companies have restricted their support to Huawei. However, a much bigger concern for the company is that Google has withdrawn the Android support from Huawei devices. This surely is a setback for Huawei as it is the second largest smartphone export company after Samsung.

The US government has given a 6 months time to the company to find another option for itself. After which the Android support would be totally withdrawn. Adding to the problems, even the network company Vodafone has decided to end its support to Huawei. Vodafone is the second largest network provided in the world. Apparently, Vodafone was in ties with Huawei for the development of a project on 5G network. This has however now been ceased.

A recent leak from XDA Developers, makes it clear that Huawei is working on a mobile operating system of its own. It would not be long before the company will have its own operating system for its smartphones.