YouTube offers discount for students on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music

YouTube has stepped into the market of premium digital content, similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify. It has started to produce shows of its own. However, you need to buy the YouTube premium membership to be able to watch these shows. With the premium membership, YouTube lets you watch shows in upto 4K quality. Moreover, it gives you an ad-free experience.

In addition, YouTube even launched its new music platform, which is also included under the premium membership. YouTube announced these services in India earlier this year, in the month of March. Whereas, USA already has the premium music services since last year. With the premium membership, you can listen to ad free music on the YouTube app. Besides, it even categorises songs as per your mood.

Youtube music
Youtube music

Special Discount for Students

Now, YouTube is here with special discounted plans for students. Under this plan, students can avail the benefit of the plan for as low as Rs 59 per month. Likewise, students can purchase the YouTube Premium Video Services at Rs 79 per month.

However, only the students of recognized schools and colleges can avail these discounted plans. And, YouTube has layed down certain eligibility criteria to be able avail the benefits. Students can follow the links given at the bottom of the page to subscribe to the special discounted plans.

Youtube music
Youtube music

For all other users, the YouTube premium subscription is available at Rs 129 per month. It is similar to the discounted plan, where users can enjoy ad free content. Additionally, YouTube also offers a family premium pack for just Rs 189 per month. Users can log in a total of 6 accounts to enjoy the premium services under this plan.

Meanwhile, YouTube offers its services in11 languages in India. Along with English and Hindi, users can access content in Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Kannad, Bhojpuri and Malayalam.

To subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, follow this link

To subscribe to YouTube Premium Video service, follow this link


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