Now Google Maps lets you track live train status

Google introduced a few new features in its Google Maps app for Indian users. Now, you need not use any third party app or website for live tracking of your train. Rather, update the Google Maps app and it lets you see the live train status in the app only.

Google maps live train status

Further, it also lets you know with how much delay the train is running and the arrival time of the train at the station. In addition, it even lets you check whether auto-rikshaw services are available from/to the station or not. And even the estimate meter charges of the rikshaw. You just need to enter your source and the destination station.

Google maps live train status

This move comes after Google acquired the “Sigmoid Labs” for reportedly $30-40 million. Sigmoid Labs is the developer of the popular “Where is My Train” app. At the time, this app had more than 10 million users in India.

Presently, the live train status feature only works for long distance trains. It will be implemented for the passenger and short route trains as well in the future.

Google maps live train status

If you are travelling in a public bus, Google Maps will tell you everything you need to know to plan your trip better. Moreover, it keeps a track of your bus and shows a notification in red if the bus is running late, based on live traffic. Similarly, the scheduled timing of the bus will be shown in green. This feature is already available for users in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Mysore, Surat and Coimbatore. Other cities will get the rollout soon.

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Besides, one more feature that Google has added in the Google Maps app is the live speedometer. Now users can keep a track of the speed through the app itself, and won’t have to use any third party app.