No more pre-installed Facebook apps on Huawei phones

There seems to be no end to Huawei’s problems. Recently Google had announced to withdraw its support to all Huawei devices. Now, Facebook has made a similar announcement, which further added to Huawei’s worries. The company has decided to suspend all its pre-installed apps on Huawei’s smartphones. The suspension also extends to other Facebook owned apps such as Instagram and Whatsapp. However, there is no reaction from Huawei on this issue.


This move taken by Facebook will certainly impact the sales of Huawei’s smartphones. Last month, we saw Google taking a similar step,wherein the company cancelled its license to Huawei. As as result, no future device of Huawei would get the support for Android operating system. Meanwhile, a ban on the company by the US means that it now cannot buy any hardware manufactured in America.

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However, there is no official announcement from Facebook on when this ban will get effective. Although the apps won’t come pre-installed, users can still download the apps from third party. A report coming from Reuters India stated that users who already have Facebook apps installed, can continue to use them. Moreover, such users will also receive timely updates for these apps.

Meanwhile, the annual revenue of Huawei has been good last year, as compared to other smartphone companies. However, all these issue that Huawei is facing surely comes as a blow to the company.



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