MIUI 11 released by Xiaomi

The number of Xiaomi users is increasing day by day. Be, it smartphones or tablets, the secret to Xiaomi’s huge success is the low cost and high quality hardware used in its devices. Moreover, the biggest reason for this growth still remains the regular software updates that Xiaomi releases.

Xiaomi officially announced the latest MIUI 11 a few days back. Meanwhile, a report coming from the chinese micro-blogging website Weibo, states that Xiaomi has released MIUI 11.

miui 11
miui 11

According to a report, Xiaomi rolled out MIUI 11 to the employees of the company on May 29. This version of MIUI 11 is currently under the testing phase. It is for the employees to test out the new version for any bugs and other issues. The company believes that doing so would help in improving the user experience when the update is released publicly. Moreover, the Beta rollout of the software update will further resolve any kind of bugs that still remain. All this would be an added advantage to the stable users of MIUI as they will get the update much more sooner.

As a result, users are likely to see the stable version of MIUI 11 by the end of June. Around 48 devices, including smartphones and tablets, will receive this update. The devices launched in the recent months are certain to receive the update.

Features of MIUI 11

Talking about some of the features of the new MIUI 11. The most awaited feature is the Dark Mode for the overall system. Other smartphone companies already have dark mode in their devices. However, Xiaomi devices still lack this feature. While, a few Xiaomi devices already have the dark mode feature, but it is in the Beta version of the software. The overall system dark mode will effectivey lower the amount of battery consumption in the devices using an OLED display. However, devices with an LCD display would not show any major effect on the battery.

Besides, MIUI 11 will bring some major changes to the design and interface of the system. This would include, the designing and appearance of the icons in a much more realistic way. To read more about the features, you can follow our link.

Xiaomi can start rolling out the stable version of the MIUI 11 in the month of August.