Amazon to develop its Alexa powered Earbuds to take on AirPods

Amazon is all set to give a rivalry to Apple. The news is that Amazon is developing its Alexa integrated Earbuds. Reportedly, these Earbuds would be way cheaper than Apple Airpods. This would pave out a way to other Amazon products, as it would have it’s connection with the rest of Amazon’s products.

Image source APPLE

As per the reports coming regarding the upcoming hardware, it resembles a lot like Airpods. There are a couple of similar wireless devices in the market. The device consists of a pair of small in-ear buds which are wireless. It has a case that also functions as a charging unit. Also, it has a mic that lets you control your music playback, talk over your phone and ask Alexa things; all on the go. Similar to the AirPods, the Amazon Earbuds have clips to hold them to the user’s ears.

According to Bloomberg, Alexa Earbuds let you “use your voice to order goods, access music, weather and other information on the go.” However, the conditions under which this can be done is still unclear. We are saying this because Airpods have an advantage as first party Apple hardware. This lets you connect and give commands directly to your phone, even when the phone is locked, Whereas, in Alexa Earbuds, these work only when the device is unlocked. And we doubt Apple would give any kind of authority to Amazon to perform functions only Airpods can do.

Apple Airpods are generally priced between 160$ to 199$. Whereas, Alexa Earbuds would be priced way lower than the former.

The Amazon Earbuds would not have a cellular connectivity of their own. Hence, would require to be paired with a mobile device.

The main concern for Amazon is that there would be some restrictions on the growth of Alexa Earbuds. This is due to the fact that Amazon’s Smartphones and Mobile operating systems are restricted to very few users. Whereas, this is not the case with Digital Assistants from Google and Apple.

Whether Alexa Earbuds would be a hit or not, is yet to be seen as we await an official announcement from Amazon.