OnePlus reported to be leaking user data

If you are a OnePlus user, this news is for you. The OnePlus phone comes preloaded with an app named “Shot on OnePlus”, which has a security flaw. A recent report says that OnePlus is leaking users’ email address through this app.

In fact, this app lets the user upload photos on the server that are featured as wallpapers globally by OnePlus users. Eventually, other OnePlus users can download these photos as wallpapers for their phones.

As per the reports, this app has a bug which puts millions of users’ data at risk. The app requires users to provide their email address before uploading the photos. The bug however, is leaking the email addresses linked to the photo submissions. However, only the app users have faced this issue.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that OnePlus has faced such a security flaw. Earlier in 2017, the Oxygen OS on OnePlus was anonymously collecting user data without consent. The company has pushed a security update to fix this issue. However, it requires to make more changes to completely get rid of this flaw.

This security breach was first published by 9to5Google. The reports said that one could easily access the api code of “Shot on OnePlus” app through

Although OnePlus has not released any official statement regarding the issue, we hope the company will fix it soon. Also, there has been no clear timeline when this issue started in OnePlus devices. But, we believe that it has been there since the launch of the application.



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